Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still Here, Still Writing...

New OfficeWell, it's now almost the end of March 2010. And again, I know I've gone MIA in this blog for a few months.

Unfortunately, this blog's been hit by some technical issues that prevented me from updating it the way I'd like to update it. And, I haven't had the time nor the energy to sort out the tech problems. So, I just left it there.

Today, however, I finally decided to do something about it.

Part of the solution was to change hosting and CMS solutions. Instead of sticking to my beloved WordPress, I decided to go back to Blogger.

This means, however, that I'm having to import all my past entries in to Blogger manually, as there's no easy and automatic way to import my old WordPress posts. It's not going to be easy nor pretty, but I can deal with it. Bit by bit. It might take a while before most of the posts get imported, but it's still workable...

The most horrible bit about this move, though, is that it also means that I ended up losing years' worth of comments on the blog. This is the part that I find difficult to deal with. It really, really saddens me when this happens. But, there's no other way for me right now.

I had to choose between taking much, much longer to sort out my technical issues - and not updating this blog... Or, just learn to move on without the comments. I chose the latter because it's the only way forward at this stage.

In any case, how are you? How are things with your writing? Are you well? I sure hope so!

And, I sure hope that I can blog a bit more often around here...

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