Saturday, August 11, 2007

D is for DRAMA - ABCDEs of Writing (Part 4 of 5)

Whether you're actually writing something "dramatic" (be it sweet, tragic, or suspense) or something "comic", the element of drama is there. It has something to do with your approach to the subject. When we say begin with action then provide some background - these are all part of the dramatic approach.

But, what comes after background when you've articulated the conflict?

Well, next in line with the dramatic approach is to the climax. The climax is the highest point of your piece - the clues to who murdered who becomes clear, the philandering lover finally gets caught, etc. You write this in an escalating fashion to grip your readers.

Creative Writing Project Now, it's time for you to heighten the drama in your chosen piece of work. Highlight it and see how you can incorporate various techniques to make your piece more dramatic.

So now we reach -

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