Saturday, September 26, 2009

Checking Into Writing

vintage_fountain_pen_1-hisks-sxc.jpgGrand plans are what I had when I started the year. Grand plans to update this site more often. Grand plans in writing. Grand plans in getting published.

But, things went a bit awry at the start of 2009. A few unexpected events occurred and I sort of got a bit lost for a short time.

At least, even though I have fallen short by a long way when it comes to updating eWriteLife, I can say that my writing has definitely taken off this year. I haven't been this consumed about writing in a very long time. Sure, my publications credit this year aren't all that grand. But, at least, they started ticking along again past blogs and private journals.

Plus, I have a number of ongoing writing projects that I'm excited about. Including the possibility of getting better publication credits again starting early in 2010. Including print.

So, I can't help but be excited.

That's why I'm hoping to resurrect the grand plans somewhat for this site. And, carry on with the writing and publishing plans.

What about you? How're your plans and your writing in 2009 going?

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