Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A is for ACTION - ABCDEs of Writing (Part 1 of 5)

There are many ways to begin a written piece. And, one of the best ways to start is something I call "The Director Approach".

In this approach, you put on a director's cap. And, after you've conceptualised your story, poem, essay, or article, you turn off the 'editorial/critical lights' and turn on the 'creative lights'. You then start rolling the camera... and, you go to your pen and paper (or word processor) and say, "Action!"

Creative Writing Project to Consider

Check your file of manuscripts and choose which one you feel most passionate about. The one piece that you'd like to work on and zoom-in your 'camera' for focus. If you don't have a manuscript to work with yet, just start a piece. Any piece.

Okay, got that one? Great! Now you can try and fill-in the following:

Working (Tentative) Title (of your chosen piece):

Type of Project You Wish To Accomplish (Essay, Short Story, Memoir Piece, etc.):

Now that's settled, we focus on the beginning. Ask yourself if the current beginning of your work meets the essential "Action". How do you know? Well, try and ask these questions...

a) Do you have more internal wondering than actual scenes and dialogues? If yes, re-write(or cross out) those internal journeys and translate them in action.

b) Do you have more adjectives than verbs? Strike out the adjectives and work up the verbs.

c) Do you have a "hook" to start off your piece? Make sure to start with a dialogue, an unusual statement, a funny thought, or a shocking revelation. This how you begin with a great "hook" in your writing.

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