Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Psalms Ideas

Robin Jones Gunn, author of over 30 books, uses verses from the book of Psalms in many of her books. A couple of favourites are:

"And they who dwell in the ends of the earth stand in awe if Thy signs;
Thou dost make the dawn and sunset shout for joy."

- Psalm 65:8 (NASB), in her book titled SUNSETS.

"The voice of the Lord echoes from the clouds.
The God of glory thunders through the skies."

- Psalms 29:3, in her book titled ECHOES.

Both books are romances and had little to do with being preachy. Many other writers draw ideas and inspiration from this book and you can do it too. So, why don't you grab your bible, sit in a comfy place, and whisper a prayer. Then, open the book to Psalms and wander about.

One good way to be undaunted by the verse is to pick a verse or two that you like best and simply meditate on why you think the verse/s appear special to you. Then, pick only one or two essential words and do a freewrite using the word/s you chose.

You need not come up with a novel-length book the way Ms. Gunn did. Your special verse (or verses) from Psalms may be woven into a vignette, short story, or poem.

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